The Inner Circle Baseball academy, previously known as the Indiana Irish baseball academy (2010-2011) and the Indiana Twins baseball academy (2011-2012), will be offering it’s 3rd version of the academy in 2012-2013. This year’s academy will offer 64 hours of training at the bulk rate price of $600. Those 64 hours will be divided into 16 hours of hitting instruction, 16 hours of pitching instruction and 32 hours of performance training. The academy is available to any player from ages 9u through 17u.

We are very proud to announce that this years academy will take place in the Inner Circle Baseball facility, which was designed with the academy in mind. This facility will allow us to offer more flexible scheduling and smaller groups than with past academies. We have also altered the format of the academy to be more like a college curriculum. This change will ensure that all players in a given group are at the same point in the progression of that program.

We truly believe that our academy offers the most training for the price, the best training for the price and offers it all under one roof.